[tex-live] Upgrade from TL'08 to TL'09

T T t34www at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 13 15:37:16 CEST 2009

2009/8/13 Norbert Preining <preining at logic.at>:
> Wasn't sooo bad:
> - as you described
> - after that I run
>        tlmgr update --all
>  (mind you need a fixed TLUtils.pm which I checked in only now!!!)
> - then
>        tlmgr list scheme
>  and check which schemes are installed, then do
>        tlmgr install scheme-minimal
>  (I had only scheme-minimal installed) and repeat that for all schemes
>  That should install all the missing packages
> - after that do
>        tlmgr check all
>  at the end you will find at the end a list of packages not included
>  in any collection, all the bin-foobar.ARCH packages.
> - call
>        tlmgr remove that-long-list-of-packages

I just did 'tlmgr install -nodepends -reinstall scheme-minimal ....'
and bin-* packages were removed during update (but this can have some
issues due to ordering)

> - call
>        tlmgr update --all
> - remove
>        ROOT/2008/temxf-doc
>  (not necessary)
> - call
>        tlmgr generate fmtutil
>        tlmgr generate updmap
>        tlmgr generate language
>        updmap-sys
>        fmtutil-sys --recreate
> And that gives you something which looks quite reasonable. There are
> some doc files in the upgraded version which are not present in an
> installation a fresh, but generally it looks quite fine.
> So, if someone wants to write that up in a decent way ...

That would have to be one of us I suppose I guess ;)

For regular users we could prepare some sort of an upgrade script from
TL'08 to TL'09 . The questions is to our users: would you use such an
upgrade script rather than just install from scratch?

Depending on responses I might look into that further (but not before
the release).



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