[tex-live] fmtutil --byengine ?

Dan Luecking luecking at uark.edu
Wed Aug 12 18:42:04 CEST 2009

A modest feature request:

We already have the following options for fmtutil
   --byfmt <formatname>
   --byhyphen <hyphen data file>
But nothing like
   --byengine <engine name>
This would be very useful. For example, if pdftex is updated,
a single command
   fmtutil --byengine pdftex
could (re)generate all the formats that depend on pdftex.

At present, when pdftex is updated, tlmgr runs fmtutil several
times, once for each name in a list of formats. This list of
format names does NOT seem to be drawn from fmtutil.cnf, since
it includes several disabled formats. It also skips my private
formats, which are indeed present in fmtutil.cnf and depend on


Daniel H. Luecking
Department of Mathematical Sciences
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR 72701  

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