[tex-live] tl2009: i386-cygwin: binaries won't work due to dll problem

Markus Ueberall Markus.Ueberall at gmail.com
Tue Aug 11 23:54:03 CEST 2009


I installed both i386-linux and i386-cygwin (by means of the Linux
version of tlmgr) on a dual-boot machine. (In order to access texlive
from both operating systems, the ext3 partition with tl2009 is mounted
using ext2fsd.)

After the installation of the i386-cygwin arch, I rebooted into Windows.
However, all binaries trigger the following error message (dialog box):

'Der Prozedureinsprungspunkt "__assert_func" wurde in der DLL
"cygwin1.dll" nicht gefunden'
('The procedure entry point "__assert_func" could not be located in the
dynamic link library "cygwin1.dll"')

I'm quite sure that the Cygwin installation on my ThinkPad is up-to-date
and the environment is sane; the output of "cygcheck -c" can be seen
here: http://pastebin.org/8307 (cygwin1.dll v1.5.25, 12-Jun-2008)
(There are no 'stray' Cygwin DLLs in the path and the problem persists
even if all binaries are copied into a NTFS partition.)

Guess #1: Could it be that the binaries are built using Cygwin release
1.7 beta?
Guess #2: Do the 'usual' setup steps using tlmgr differ between Linux
and Windows?

Ad astra, Markus

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