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Simon Spiegel simon at simifilm.ch
Tue Aug 4 11:28:10 CEST 2009

> > - it's your perception
> Of course it's my perception! What else have I got? If your  
> perceptions fails to match mine in this particular case, I must say  
> that your perception is faulty

Dear Rowland,

this is an honest attempt trying to resolve the problems you  
encountered on this list. I'm writing this without any irony, so  
please, try to bear with me.

You seem to be convinced that you've been treated unjustly here. And  
you say that people who don't agree with you that you have been  
treated unfairly have a faulty perception.

Now let us assume that you're right. Let us assume that most the  
answers you got here have been hostile from the beginning with the  
main goal to mock you and hurt your feelings. So far, no one on this  
list has supported in this regard. That would lead to the conclusion  
that everyone here is against or at least doesn't have the guts to  
defend you against those who treat you unfairly.

Now let us assume that the opposite is true: Let us assume that your  
post were perceived as unfriendly and rude and that the people here  
have just been responding to what they perceived as aggressive posts  
by a newcomer. That would lead to the conclusion that the answers you  
got are a direct result of the tone of your posts.

So we have two possibilities: The list has spontaneously and more or  
less unanimously decided to treat you in a hostile way or your post  
have been perceived as aggressive and rude and the answers have been  

How can we decide between the two possibilities? At least in my  
experience, a conspiracy or something the like is always the least  
likely expanation. Also, if a certain amount of people perceive  
someone else as rude, they might have a point.

But, there is also empirical evidence: Go through the archives and see  
whether something like this has happened before. Have people  
complained about the hostility of this list in the past. You will find  
that this is not the case.

So if you decide to believe that the members of this list have, for  
the first time, decided to unanimously attact a new poster, just for  
fun or evil spirit – if you think that this is plausible and likely,  
then no one will be able to convince you of something else; logic and  
empirical evidence do not support this believe.


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