[tex-live] updmap.cfg query

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Sat Aug 1 10:14:06 CEST 2009

Rowland McDonnell a écrit :
> (I can't remember things like that; I have to make written notes in
> places that I'll find them at a time when they'll be useful.  This is
> not easy to do.  I did mention that I'm a Mac user.  I'm not scared of
> command lines, but I usually can't remember command line incantations.
> I don't use the command line much and - well, my mind just isn't set up
> for keeping track of the required information.  Just bear that in mind.
> I think most users will be like me, unable to remember all the command
> line incantations in the way you wizards seem able.  The available
> documentation needs to take this into account and provide more
> cross-referencing.)
You should try a shell with good completion features, such as zsh. (Currently
there is no completion function for tlmgr itself, but I may write one some day
once I've learned how to write completion functions.) Unrelated example:

mpg at roth:~% gpg --s<tab><tab>
--search-keys                    -- search for keys on a key server
--secret-keyring                 -- add specified file to list of secret keyrin
--send-keys                      -- send keys to a keyserver
--set-filename                   -- specify file which is stored in messages
--show-notation                  -- show key signature notations
--sign                           -- make a signature
--sign-key                       -- sign a key
--sk-comments                    -- include secret key comments when exporting
--store                          -- store only
--symmetric                      -- encrypt with symmetric cypher only
--s2k-cipher-algo     --set-policy-url      --simple-sk-checksum
--s2k-digest-algo     --show-photos         --skip-verify
--s2k-mode            --show-policy-url     --status-fd
--set-filesize        --show-session-key

Quite nice and helpful, isn't it ?


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