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On Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 10:53 AM, MANGISETTY, Tilak
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> Dear All,
> I have copied the texlive-20080822-texmf.tar.lzma  to the solaris box and
> extracted the file, once after extracting the file I presume in need to
> install, but I couldn’t find the installation file.
> And also could you please let me know once after the installation finishes
> how to test it.

Which solaris?  I have installed texlive 2008 on a sparc solaris 10 system.
There have been some problems due to perl being broken.   Today, for

$ tlmgr --gui

Cannot load Tk, thus the GUI cannot be started!
The Perl/Tk module is not shipped with the TeX Live installation.
You have to install it to get tlmgr GUI running. See
http://tug.org/texlive/distro.html for more details.

Usually this is cured by installing perl-tk, which is another

You should start with <http://texlive.tug.org/texlive/>, which has
instructions for
installing texlive.

The very quick tests I use are:

$ tex story \\end
$ xdvi story.dvi
$ dvips story -o
$ evince story.ps
$ pdftex story \\end
$ xpdf story.pdf
$ latex sample2e
$ xdvi sample2e.dvi
$ dvips sample2e.dvi -o
$ evince sample2e.ps
$ pdflatex sample2e
$ xpdf sample2e.pdf

Things to watch for:  are inputs coming from the right places (e.g., not some
previous TeX installation), are paper sizes correct for your site.

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