[tex-live] Bug in yhmath.map

enrico.gregorio at univr.it enrico.gregorio at univr.it
Mon Apr 27 15:51:53 CEST 2009

I don't know if this is the right place, it's not very clear who the file yhmath.map belongs to.

The file consists of two lines:

  yhcmex10 Yhcmex <yhcmex.pfb
  yrcmex10 Yhcmex <yhcmex.pfb

but the first one gives problems to dvips. Indeed if I compile with pdftex the file

  \input testfont
  \font\x=yhcmex10 \x

the font table comes out right, while with "tex+dvips" it doesn't: the first page (i.e., the
symbols borrowed from cmex10) does not show any character. However, if I regenerate
the updmap tables, after commenting the first line in yhmath.map, the result is what was

I guess that very few people use yhmath, since the file yhmath.map is three years old
in the SVN repository (and does not show in CTAN). But it seems to me that the first line
is actually wrong: indeed the virtual font yhcmex10.vf refers to cmex10 and yrcmex10
and the yhcmex10.pfb font doesn't contain the first 128 characters.


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