[tex-live] error in ps code for table of contents

andrew collier collierab at gmail.com
Mon Apr 20 15:04:02 CEST 2009


i had a problem with generating a pdf file from a (rather large) latex ps
file, which i thought was initially a problem with ghostscript. i posted the
bug report there and you can see it at:


howevere, the ghostscript folk seem to think that the problem actually lies
with latex. so here are the symptoms. i have a document which is written
using the report class. it has chapters, sections and subsections. when i
generate a ps file using dvips the structure of the table of contents starts
off line like:

SDict begin [ /Count -11 /Dest (chapter*.3) cvn /Title (Vectors and Tensors)
/OUT pdfmark end
 -104 -39 a
-104 -39 a
SDict begin [ /Count -0 /Dest (section*.4) cvn /Title (Vectors) /OUT
pdfmark end
 -104 -39 a -104 -39 a
SDict begin [ /Count -0 /Dest (section*.4) cvn /Title (Bases) /OUT
pdfmark end
 -104 -39 a -104 -39
SDict begin [ /Count -0 /Dest (section*.4) cvn /Title (Representation)
/OUT pdfmark end
 -104 -39 a -104 -39 a

now here "Vectors and Tensors" is a chapter, "Vectors" is a subsection and
"Bases"/"Representation" are subsections. But the last three all end up on
the same level as far as ghostscript is concerned.

any idea what the problem here is?

i am using tetex-3.0-i486-5 on a slackware 12.0 system. posting here because
tetex no longer seems to be maintained and they recommend directing all
further queries to tex-live.

best regards,
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