[tex-live] TeX-Live Windows Vista installation

Mathieu Simon mathieu.sim at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 14:28:30 CEST 2009


I actually thought we already did that.  Certainly the wget retries
> several times.

Well, wget normally is very stable. Maybe its really was because auf easter
week-end that a lot of traffic was the cause.

>     continuing and leaving with a broken installation.
> That's not supposed to happen.  I know there are checks to see if the
> tar x failed, and then it's supposed to "unwind" back to the previous
> state.

The problem was, that tlmgr just popped up when I tried to uninstall the in
"Programs and functions " (Programme und Funktionen in german Vista) and
then nothing happened. tlmgr on console told me that you have to uninstall
it the the "Windows-way". :-(

> Sorry, I don't know what to suggest.

Well, I think, that when you first get a working mirror tlmgr works for most
of the users very well, so IMHO it's not that bad for lets say 98% of the
users. - Because texlive still is more commonly used on *nix based systems
than on windows. ;-)

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