[tex-live] TeX-Live Windows Vista installation

Mathieu Simon mathieu.sim at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 17:35:16 CEST 2009

> The internet isn't what it used to be.

Almost nothing stays as it once used to be ;-)

> In my experience network installs are
> only for those fortunate enough to have a good local mirror.  Also, many
> large organizations (and service providers) use traffic shaping that may
> affect downloads.  There are good tools to mirror the TL install
> directories
> and can work with traffic shaping by limiting bandwidth or inserting
> delays between connection attempts.   Some traffic shaping is based on
> priorities, so your downloads are affected by what other people are doing.
> I find it works best (from Nova Scotia) to arrange mirroring to use a
> European
> server in a late evening here (early AM in Europe).

> MiKTeX users here are also encountering problems with mirrors, so
> it is not just TL that suffers.

True, SWITCHMirror is from the swiss universities networks, normally it is
fast and very reliable, but we are on easter, so people have plenty of time
downloading on the net...I tried during evening (in Switzerland), possibly
the cause.

Could I request a feature?
Maybe it could be possible for install-tl and/or tlmgr to retry a download a
second time if decompression failed because of a bad download instead of
continuing and leaving with a broken installation. - Otherwise tlmgr is
absolutely fine. :-)

Thanks for the answer
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