[tex-live] mongolian.map in montex package

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Fri Apr 10 23:40:57 CEST 2009

On 8 April 2009 Herbert Schulz wrote:

 > As a side question... If I comment out the offending duplicate lines  
 > in mongolian.map to get rid of this annoyance (is it more than an  
 > annoyance?) [...]

It depends.  Ususlly, updmap tries to avoid duplicate lines in the map
files it creates.  However, it regards an entry as "duplicate" if the
content of a particular line is the same as the one of a line it
already had processed.  It doesn't notice whether there are two
different lines with the same tfm name.

In this case, the content of the lines differ:

$ grep grmn0700 `kpsewhich pdftex.map`
grmn0700 TeX-grmn0700 <grmn0700.pfb
grmn0700 grmn0700 <grmn0700.pfb

pdftex complains because it can't use both entries and doesn't know
which one is correct.  If we only have pdftex in mind, it's relatively
harmless because in PDF, a font is not called by its name.  The
PostScript name (2nd column) is only relevant if pdftex tries to
replace fonts in included graphics.

But dvips depends on the PostScript FontName absolutely.  In PS, a
font is always accessed by its FontName.  dvips just converts
grmn0700.pfb to ASCII and copies the result to the output file.  In
order to access the font, it inserts 

   /TeX-grmn0700 findfont

into the file because it found TeX-grmn0700 in the map file.
This can't work.

$ grep -a FontName `kpsewhich grmn0700.pfb`
/FontName /grmn0700 def 

If you are on Unix, try this:

   t1ascii `kpsewhich grmn0700.pfb` > test.ps
   echo '/grmn0700 findfont' >> test.ps

Run  gs -dBATCH -dNODISPLAY test.ps  and you'll get no error message.

Now try

    echo '/TeX-grmn0700 findfont' >> test.ps

and run ghostscript again.  This font is not accessible, of course,
because it doesn't exist.

updmap sorts all map entries alphabetically.  I don't know whether
dvips is using the first or the last entry it finds, but if it works,
it's by coincidence.

The map entries containing "TeX-grmn*" should be removed, definitely.
They are wrong.  

Oliver, I don't know whether you are the one who uploaded the bogino.*
files to CTAN.  From the README:

> File:                   bogino.tex (and bogino.dvi, bogino.ps)
> Original Authors:       H. Partl e.a.
> Translated by:          D. Dorj e.a.
> Publication Date:       January 26, 1999
> [... stuff omitted ...]
> URL: ftp://userpage.fu-berlin.de/~corff/im/MLS

In TeX Live and on CTAN it's very desirable to have all documentation
in PDF because this is the most portable format.  Though on CTAN there
is only bogino.{tex,dvi,ps}, in former releases of TeX Live there had
been a PDF version too, but it was broken.  For TeX Live 2008 I
re-generated the file again from the original .dvi file, using
dvipdfm.  I also tried to create it from the original .tex file using
pdftex.  However, both PDF files contain many bitmap fonts.  I finally
decided to upload the version created by dvipdfm to the TeX Live
repository because it contained the least number of bitmap fonts.

Please check out:


If you don't have any objections, there is no need to change anything.
On the other hand, whenever you upload a newer version to CTAN, it
would be highly desirable to upload a file "bogino.pdf" you created
yourself, too. 


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