[tex-live] mongolian.map in montex package

Oliver Corff oliver.corff at email.de
Wed Apr 8 04:08:28 CEST 2009

Dear All,

Zdenek Wagner schrieb:
> 2009/4/7 Robin Fairbairns <Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk>:
>> enrico.gregorio at univr.it wrote:
>>> It seems that Oliver Corff has taken care of the problem. I suggested him to add
>>> the correct entries in the map files, i.e., identical to the corresponding ones in
>>> cbgreek-full.map.
>>> I believe that in this way updmap will do its work as it should, merging the map
>>> files correctly. Anybody who knows better how updmap works can confirm?
>> i think not; i've had trouble of that sort, in the past.
> updmap will complain that the map files contain duplicate entries.
>> it's surely the case that two maps providing pointers to the same font
>> file are a mistake, and should be diagnosed.
>>> A question: what if an installation has the Mongolian Type1 fonts but not the
>>> cbgreek fonts in Type1 format? In this case mongolian.map (hence also pdftex.map)
>>> would point to a nonexistent pfb file.
>> which is precisely why the cbfonts map extract should *not* be the montex
>> map (quite apart from the map conflict issue).
> It is not a good idea to add entries into the map file but not supply
> the fonts. It assumes that the user has the fonts without the map
> file, but then it makes no sense. Why the user is assumed to have the
> greek fonts in the proper directories without the map files, therefore
> unusable with TeX? If the Mongolian package needs fonts, they must be
> supplied in the package in full, i.e. map + tfm + pfb or mf and
> whatever else is needed.

MonTeX proper fonts are supplied on a complete basis, i.e. mf+tfm. The 
map file came together with the pfb material and is a third party 

> Their names must not clash with names of
> fonts in other packages. It the Mongolian package needs fonts
> available from another package, it should mention dependence on such a
> package so that the user knows that another package must be installed
> and developers of TeX distributions can set dependence rules by a
> method suitable for the particular distribution.

My original mls.sty master file for MonTeX tests whether Greek is 
available and falls back to math mode Greek (I only need the Gamma, 
anyway). It is a good idea to include Greek into the dependency test 
which can be run prior to the installation of MonTeX (and is supplied 
with MonTeX). I will update the file.

>> robin

MonTeX needs a Greek font and refers to it via the fontenc package.

I never wrote a map file for MonTeX and I am not quite sure who 
contributed the map file for the MonTeX outline fonts (also a 
contribution). Nonetheless I want to solve the problem but fail to have 
any useful idea how to get out of the dilemma except for deleting the 
Greek line from the MonTeX map file. Do you think this is feasible? 
Anyway, Greek seems to be a standard part of modern installations, and 
whoever installs TeX Live or any modern TeX distribution will not worry 
anymore about disk space, font compilation time etc. as used to be the 
case in the emtex days.

Best regards,

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