[tex-live] pdftex and other binaries updates

Peter Ragosch peter.ragosch at t-online.de
Sat Sep 27 16:16:53 CEST 2008

Am Samstag, 27. September 2008 13:00:51 schrieb George N. White III:

> Look at "printenv" and "sudo printenv" , maybe with grep for ^PATH=
> and TEX.

printenv shows the expected pathes to TL2008 for TEXDIR, PATH, MANPATH, 
INFOPATH, as well as the right TEXINPUTS, which is /home/peter/work/Tex//.

sudo printenv shows none TEX related path and tlmgr fails (which becomes now 
logical to me).

> Running something as complex and unproven as tlmgr with more than
> ordinary privileges is a risk.  The real TeX Live is self-contained, so
> once the top level directory is created and ownership changed to that of
> the TL manager, root is not required.

Yes, I agree fully with that. And it's not my personally intention to run 
tlmgr with ROOT rights. But, in the case TL should be placed into the system 
path, like /usr/local/... or something else, this would normally (or easiest) 
be done as ROOT.

I've choosen to place TL below /usr/local/..., but changed the owner to 
myself. But now I must take care that no script runs as ROOT by accident.

And, yes, in case TL is used by more then one USER it is good decision to 
change the TL owner to tladmin or something else. You mentioned that in a 
previous mail.

The "sudo tlmgr problem" was no serious problem for me, and the mismatch 
between SuSEs old teTeX and TL2008 will be hopefully fixed by use of dummy 
packages, which will be kindly provided by Wolfgang next days.

Peter Ragosch
Schnitterweg 8
21684 Stade

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