[tex-live] pdftex and other binaries updates

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Thu Sep 25 11:29:20 CEST 2008

On Mi, 24 Sep 2008, Karl Berry wrote:
> Regarding dvipsk, though, only the Windows binary was updated (not for
> any very important reason).  I'm wildly guessing that that unnecessarily
> triggered updating of bin-dvipsk.universal-darwin.  The actual darwin
> binaries haven't changed since r10023 (September 11), and tlpdb
> correctly says r10023 for bin-dvipsk.universal-darwin.
> Norbert?

Strange. AFAIR (long time that I programmed that) the revision numbers
are adjusted after splitting of the binary package. But I may err on
that. I will try to check, but being on Georgia teaching does not leave
much time.

> What would help a lot in this kind of debugging is to see the revision
> numbers involved, ie, why it thought it needed to be updated.

> 2) Norbert, can you hack tlmgr to show the rev numbers when it actually
>    does the updates?  (Sorry if our test version is already doing this.)

The tlmgr in the repository now has all the safer update patches, it
	update foobar (NNN -> MMM) ... done
on update. Fine?

For Victor: --dry-run echos now the very same lines as without
--dry-run, save the post  install actions which I cannot execute without
messing up some things.

Best wishes


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