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Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Mon Sep 22 08:23:40 CEST 2008

On So, 21 Sep 2008, Victor Ivrii wrote:
> So they miss new collections (may be with one package in it). Then

There will not be new collections ;-) (most probably)

> What about new collections? IMHO they should be either installed by
> default or user should be prompted: Do you want to install a new
> collection?.

There will not be new collections ;-) (most probably)

> Finally there should be a way to learn which packages (available
> through tlmgr) I miss without looking through 3000+ lines of %tlmgr
> list or piping through grep

I explained this already once, please do not forget to read my emails.
This is impossible for the time being!!! We do NOT keep copies of all
the texlive.tlpdb from the server on the local installation. So there is
NO way to see what packages have been added. The only case where we can
detect this is in already installed collections, because there we have
the old list of dependencies and the new list of dependencies.

So, no, there is no way to detect that ATM. Sorry.

> However documentation should be more complete, leaving no ambiguity at
> least in the most crucial task

Well, the case that new packages in already installed collections are
reported as new is in fact an addition we did on your request. Mind that
the packages have been installed already before this change. And now the
documentation for that specific thing lacks behind, we will fix it.

But, to be honest, if this is the only point of incomplete documentation
of tlmgr then I would be overly happy, because tlmgr would be 99% fully
documented ;-)))

Best wishes


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