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Martin Scholz martin at scholz-net.org
Mon Sep 22 00:05:49 CEST 2008

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Reinhard Kotucha schrieb:
> Martin Scholz writes:
>  > as far as I know there are up to know no official covers for the DVDs,
>  > but if the TUG wants to use them as the official ones I just need the
>  > Info what is missing on them or what I need to change and I will put it
>  > on, but if you would like to have them I can sent them to you.
> Hi Martin,
> there will certainly be official covers for the DVD and I assume that
> they are in production already.  But I suppose your main intention was
> to provide a cover for the ISO image which can be downloaded from
> tug.org.
> Since there is a network installer now, the preferred way to install
> TL is to use it.  I hope that not many people really need the ISO
> image any more.  Using the network installer also disburdens tug.org
> and CTAN significantly.
> BTW, the official name is 'TeX Live', not 'TeXlive'.  We had a long
> discussion on this list recently about publishing the sources.
> Regarding your DVD cover, much more people would benefit from your
> work if you make the sources available.
> Don't you think it's nice if a Chinese can create a Chinese version?
> Regards,
>   Reinhard
Hi Reinhard,

I just created them because I needed a Cover for some teachers I must
teach to use TeX, and I found nowhere the right order how to write TeX
Live but I will Change it. And if there is Interest as far as I see for
this kind of Cover I will post them as soon as I have changed the name.

The only intention was to give away a dvd that has a cover with the
basic instructions and not everybody in germany has a dsl line to load
tl over the net. so a cover will always be needed but for the most of
the people it is correct that they will use the netinstaller. But you
can't tell people to use tex if you tell them you will need to load
about 2 GB out of the net by a 56k modem line... they just will tell ya
that you are crazy and that they don't want to load about 3 weeks just
for the tool you told them about. You see here that there still will be
a need for a dvd version of texlive, but a kind of updatescript for a
folderversion would be a nice tool, so you just create a folder and do
not set any links, the folder contains all the files needed and before
burning an image you can just run an updatetool, burn the dvd and give
away an up-to-date version of the TeX Live DVD.


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