[tex-live] tlmgr --help

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Sun Sep 21 21:29:58 CEST 2008

On So, 21 Sep 2008, Victor Ivrii wrote:
> missing: and installs new.

As Manuel pointed out, it installs only packages that are new in
collections that have been installed.

> is listed as and option for update as "--all", "--list" and
> "<packagename>" which is not exactly true: it can be a secondary
> option, but not the primary one;

Yeah, that is right.

> 3) Also --dry-run is more verbose than --list it is still less verbose
> than an actual update --all

Well, that is in fact a pain. THe support of --dry-run is infact only
here to have it across most commands. Maybe I change that
behaves like 

It cannot behave the same way as --all since that would need actual
installation removal. Well, maybe, with some changes we are testing I
can change the wording, too.

BUT GUYS, is this important????

> a) if package on the mirror is older than already installed, tlmgr
> does not downgrade

NOt surprising.

> b) if package is no more part of TeXLive tlmgr does not remove

Not surprising. One could install packages from a local mirror.

> c) If package is for the different architecture it is not installed

Not surprising :-)

> Actually tlmgr is smarter than documentation (which is also a part of
> tlmgr.pl); so in a sense tlmgr is smarter than it tells you :-)

Why? Can you give me the place where the documentation lacks behind? I
always try to document all behaviours ...

Best wishes


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