[tex-live] Solve Problem with tlmgr for first

Martin Scholz martin at scholz-net.org
Sat Sep 20 22:58:36 CEST 2008

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Philip TAYLOR in Bolsehle schrieb:
> Martin Scholz wrote:
>>> Sorry for ignoring you so long: Please apply that patch:
>>> --- tlmgrgui-real.pl    (revision 10653)
>>> +++ tlmgrgui-real.pl    (revision 10654)
>>> -use TeXLive::TLUtils qw(setup_programs platform_desc win32);
>>> I.e., in line 29 add  > +use TeXLive::TLUtils qw(setup_programs
>>> platform_desc win32 debug);
>>>     debug
>>> to the list. That should fix the problem
>> Sorry but how does one do this under windows?
> I would (1) use Search to locate "tlmgrgui-real.pl";
> (2) Open WinEDT (Notepad doesn't like the line endings
> in "tlmgrgui-real.pl" and friends; (3) drag "tlmgrgui-real.pl"
> to WinEDT; (4) locate line 29, which should read
> "use TeXLive::TLUtils qw(setup_programs platform_desc win32);";
> (5) replace it with Norbert's replacement : "use TeXLive::TLUtils
> qw(setup_programs platform_desc win32 debug);" (6) Save the file.
> Philip TAYLOR (in Bolsehle at the moment).
Thanks to all of you,

I only use Windows on this notebook because I had up to now not been
able to setup network and wlan support under linux and there I know the
patch command but I was wundering if there had been a similar way under
windows too, but if only change the lines that is no problem.
Thanks to all that helped to figure out the problem and find a solution.

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