[tex-live] Post-install problems (Solaris)

Jean-Pierre Chretien chretien at cert.fr
Fri Sep 19 14:15:59 CEST 2008


I have two problems with TL 2008 post-installation procedures:
 - texconfig-sys fails, due to missing whiptail binary; whiptail
 seems widely available on Linux, but I couldn't find sources
 to install it on Solaris; I used the batch syntax to configure;
 - to add local fonts xxx imported in texmf-local, I used to add Map xxx.map
 in updmap.cfg file. Now TL recommends to put all locally added fonts in 
 /some/file.cfg and to run command
 tlmgr generate updmap -local /some/file.cfg
 All I get is that -local is not a valid option.
 tlgr --help is almost unreadable on Solaris.
Any clue ?



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