[tex-live] verbatimcopy package missing

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Fri Sep 19 10:09:20 CEST 2008

Hi Ulrike,

On Fr, 19 Sep 2008, Ulrike Fischer wrote:
> (But I don't know to which extend sources are needed as nowadays a lot
> of documentations includes external objects like graphics. Are the

Let's put it this way, we don't have a formal definition. Generally all
the graphics etc should be present. All the cases we currently have is
the usage of commercial fonts. Everything else should be there.

> For similar reasons as the author of csquotes I can't put sources that
> compile on CTAN, my documentations use unpublished packages, personal
> settings and lokal fonts. And unlike the author of csquotes I don't want
> to put a source that don't compile on CTAN, partly because the sources

I am well aware of that and do regret that personally, but it is your

> I hope that you don't misunderstand me. My remarks are not meant as
> complains or even as a request to change the TeXLive policy: It is
> absolutelty your choice what you include and what not. I did give my
> packages "for free" and for me this also include the right to distribue
> only parts of the files or even to ignore it completely. 

That is fine. We had this discussion about all the chess* related
packges. We have all of them included, (only?) the documentation is
missing. We respect your decision, too ;-)

Best wishes


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