[tex-live] mirroring the texlive archive/ selectively

Ivan Shmakov ivan at theory.asu.ru
Wed Sep 17 05:49:56 CEST 2008

	How do I mirror the TeXLive distribution selectively?  E. g.,
	I'm not interested in platforms other than GNU/Linux on AMD64
	and W32, and there also may be some packages which are of no
	value to me, nor for the users this mirror is intended for.

	It seems that texlive.tlpdb contains all the necessary
	information to perform such a selective download, but is there a
	tool to utilize it?

	The ability to check the mirror against MD5 sums and to rebuild
	the .tlpdb according to the selection being mirrored would also
	be nice.

	For now, I'm using something like:

## mirror arch-independent packages
wget -b -r -l2 "$archive" --no-parent \
    --accept=index.html \
    --reject=\*.{alpha,amd64,doc,hppa,i386,mips,powerpc,sparc,universal,win32,x86,source}\* \
## mirror the binary packages
wget -b -r -l2 "$archive" --no-parent \
    --accept=index.html \
    --accept=\*.{x86_64-linux,win32}.tar.lzma \
## at last, mirror the doc packages
wget -b -r -l2 "$archive" --no-parent \
    --accept=index.html \
    --accept=\*.doc.tar.lzma \


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