[tex-live] verbatimcopy package missing

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed Sep 17 13:26:59 CEST 2008

Hi Lars,

On Mi, 17 Sep 2008, Lars Madsen wrote:
> >>I also noticed that verbatimcopy package
> >>(http://ctan.org/pkg/verbatimcopy) is missing in TeXLive 2008. Is it
> >>possible to make it available by download?
> >>
> >Done. Unfortunately, the author didn't provide the source of the
> >documentation, so I had to remove it from TL...
> >
> and why wasn't the author (me) then contacted? I can find the source for 
> the PDF without any problems

the problem is quite simple: You uploaded the documentation without
source. CTAN will just take what you upload. And TeX Live (we) take what
is on CTAN and what we can take, ie, if source is present.

If you re-upload to CTAN together with the source we will include the

But we cannot contact (or better, it is a sisyphus job, and sometimes we
try to time permitted) all the authors of docs where sources are

So please, reupload with the doc source and the doc will also be

So to repeat, maybe for others: That is not our job! If you want
anything included in TeX Live, please provide sources, or it will not be
included. CTAN is your friend.

Best wishes


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