[tex-live] CJK doc files missing

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Sep 16 20:26:33 CEST 2008

    With other words, you've installed cjk-4.8.1-tar.gz but you've
    apparently forgotten to add cjk-4.8.1-doc.tar.gz 

Please tell me what files you want from the doc archive installed, and I
will install them.  Just examples/pdf or are there others?  Users who
want them will then be able to get them with "tlmgr update cjk".

    (or rather, a
    selection of it as documented in CJK's doc/TeXLive.txt file).

Sorry, I don't understand how I can use that file.  It seemed to be
describing the old installation Sebastian made by hand, rather than
prescribing how it should/must be installed in the future.  (For
instance, TL has no concept of "bundle", only "package", and in TL'08
the package name is "cjk" not "CJK".)

Below is the code I actually wrote to install CJK.  It is quite painful
and error-prone (and partially unpacking the doc tarball won't help,
sigh), but it is still better than doing it by hand.  Anything you could
do to simplify it, by changing the original, would be welcome.


sub MAKEcjk
  # start by removing the version number top-level directory.
  &xchdir ($DOCDIR);
  &SYSTEM ("$RM *.zip && $MV 4.8.?/* . && rmdir 4.8.?");
  &xchdir ($DEST);
  # move contrib into source subdir.
  &SYSTEM ("$MV $DOCDIR/contrib source/latex/cjk/");
  # rename texinput to tex/latex/cjk.
  &SYSTEM ("rmdir tex/latex/cjk; $MV $DOCDIR/texinput tex/latex/cjk");
  # rename texlive, contains modified KS/HLaTeX .fd files.
  my $ksl_dest = "tex/latex/cjk/contrib/hlatex-texlive";
  &xmkdir ($ksl_dest);
  &SYSTEM ("$MV $DOCDIR/texlive $ksl_dest");
  # move utils into source subdir too, wht we have in
  # Build/source/texk/cjkutils is a tiny subset.
  &SYSTEM ("$MV $DOCDIR/utils source/latex/cjk/");
  # remove the thaifont runtime files which we painfully package separately.
  # but leave other thaifont files here, not worth dealing.
  &SYSTEM ("rm -rf source/latex/cjk/utils/thaifont/texmf");
  # We need the wadalab fd files.
  my $wada_dest = "tex/latex/cjk/contrib/wadalab";
  &xmkdir ($wada_dest);
  &SYSTEM ("$MV source/latex/cjk/contrib/wadalab/*.fd* $wada_dest/");

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