[tex-live] Migrating from Scheme: minimal to Scheme: full

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Sat Sep 13 09:55:10 CEST 2008

Having now installed Scheme: minimal on my
test machine, and downloaded and installed
"tlmgr.pl" and "tlmgrgui-real.pl" as
requested by Karl, I am attempting to
upgrade to Scheme: full.  I downloaded
the remote database as instructed by
the GUI, entered "scheme-full" in the
search dialogue box, located the
scheme and instructed it to install
(the text "without depends" nearby is
not English : it should read "without
dependencies").  However, the "[red
hieroglyphics] tlmgr process" box in
which I was told to expect to be able
to observe progress remains steadfastly
blank, and the task manager informs me
I have two instances of "[red hieroglyphics]
tlmgr 2008" that are not responding.  The
SCSI disc on which TeX Live is installed
and on which temporary files are now stored
continues to make "I am being accessed" noises.
SysInternals "Filemon" tells me much is happening
on the F: (SCSI) drive, involving Wget, Perl,
Tar, Nod32, and occasionally Explorer.

Should I be able to observe progress in the
"[red hieroglyphics] tlmgr process" box, or
will nothing appear there until the installation
has completed or aborted ?

** Phil.

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