[tex-live] pdftex LFS bug: on mac too?

Thanh Han The hanthethanh at gmail.com
Fri Sep 12 16:09:59 CEST 2008

Some more relevant info about the problem:

- LFS was added to pdftex since version 1.40.6. It was
  enabled by default. To disable it, one must run
  "configure" with the option "--disable-largefile".

- also starting from version 1.40.6, the "build.sh" script
  coming with pdftex sources tarball has the option
  "--disable-largefile" when calling "configure". This means
  that pdftex compiled from sources will have LFS disabled
  by default, unless one changes the "build.sh" script to
  remove that option to enable LFS, or skips "build.sh" and
  calls "configure" by himself.

- the "Build" script used to build texlive does NOT have the
  option "--disable-largefile" by default, which means that
  TL is built with LFS enabled by default.

- LFS has been broken on some systems since 1.40.6:
    - on Solaris SPARC: 1.40.6--1.40.9 have the same problem as current TL
    - on MacOSX PowerPC:
        - 1.40.6: pdftex failed with a message
          "Invalid argument". A google search shows that
          a similar problem was discussed on the context list:
        - 1.40.7--1.40.9: same problem as current TL


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