[tex-live] [tlbuild] no new TL images -> thawed

Manfred Lotz manfred at dante.de
Fri Sep 12 04:42:24 CEST 2008

Karl Berry wrote:
> I've run the test file Manuel reported on a ppc-darwin machine (thanks
> as always to Nelson, our god of architecture availabilty :), and it ran
> fine with the released TL'08.  It turns out that largefile support was
> already disabled in the released powerpc binaries.
> Therefore I don't want to make new images and further delay production +
> possibly introduce new problems.  Users on other platforms are not
> nearly as numerous as MacOSX, and running "tlmgr update pdftex" is not
> an insuperable barrier.
> Manfred, please proceed with the images you already have.
> We should still update the binaries in the repository.  In addition to
> the sparc and aix binaries that Vladimir and Arthur already committed, I
> have committed new i386-linux, hp, and amd64-freebsd binaries.  Will do
> the rest as they come in.  Other builders, fire away :).
> Consider the repository thawed.
> karl

Just to make sure I understood correctly. There are no updates whatever 
to incorporate for TeXLive on the DVD which means that TeX Collection 
wise I proceed as if this discussion did never ever happen.  :-)



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