[tex-live] [tlbuild] another rebuild for pdftex

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Thu Sep 11 23:45:55 CEST 2008

"JK" == Jonathan Kew writes:

 >> Not that sparc-linux is a priority, but I committed a brand-new
 >> pdftex binary.

earlier i commited powerpc-aix and sparc-solaris too (both big-endian,
and both had this problem).

 >> Jonathan, does XeTeX do any largefile stuff?

 JK> There's nothing in the xetex code itself, but if pdftex patched
 JK> the xpdf code in TL to add largefile support then I guess there
 JK> might be an issue to worry about, as I use that too. Martin or
 JK> others, do you know if anything was done there?

note that on my AIX box xetex does not start because of "memory exhausted" message:


do you have an idea on what could be wrong?

small note: just running "pdftex -ini \\relax" and looking at the
process memory usage, i see it uses 6864 Kb of resident memory (73356
VIRT) on my linux box.

but for "xetex -ini \relax", i see:

 TL2008: 128m RES, 239m VIRT
 TL2007: 14m RES, 95m VIRT

why did xetex's memory usage so much increased compared to TL2007?


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