[tex-live] texdoc + AR9 on win32

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Thu Sep 11 15:47:30 CEST 2008

Akira Kakuto a écrit :
> I cannot reproduce the crash on XP.
> But it was known that western XP seemed different
> than japanese one, so my example may not be helpful...
Ok, so you're the second person to have no crash (the example works on
Hans' computer too). Just curious, which version of luatex did you use
for the tests? Here I'm using the version from TL'08, namely:

C:\Documents and Settings\manu>texlua --version
This is LuaTeX, Version snapshot-0.25.4-2008071819

> texlua wrapper.tlu works fine for the following with AR9:
> -- wrapper.tlu
> kpse.set_program_name('texlua')
> command={}
> -- both work with and without the next line
> command[0]='texlua'
> command[1]='texlua'
> command[2]='e:/send/program.tlu'
> command[3]="e:/send/pic.pdf"
> os.spawn(command)
> -- program.tlu
> str='start '..'""'..' "'..arg[1]..'"'
> os.execute(str)
Unfortunately, it does not work on my box either.

Do you have any idea what where the culprit could lie (code of kpse, of
os.spawn, particular system calls, etc.)?

Thanks for you help,

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