[tex-live] [Fwd: Re: texdoc error]

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Thu Sep 11 15:44:39 CEST 2008

Bonjour Manuel --

> Here is the message Siep was answering to. Since there is a proposed fix
> (or rather, workaround) attached, I think it would be too bad that you
> don't get it...

Many thanks.

> As Karl pointed out, the mail could have been filtered by your mail
> system since it contains an attached batch file. So here it is again
> with the batch file in the text and the texlua script attached.

Fine.  I normally look quite carefully at the
"Junk" folder before deleting its contents,
but RHUoL now has an off-site spam filter
as well, so it may be held there (I don't
look at that one too often ...).

> % this is texdoc.bat
> @echo off
> rem tl-w32-starter.bat
> rem universal script starter, batch file part
> rem this program calls the tl-w32-wrapper.texlua
> rem /!\ special texdoc version: calls a modified wrapper /!\
> setlocal
> set ownpath=%~dp0%
> texlua "%ownpath%tl-w32-texdoc-wrapper.texlua" "%~dpn0" %*
> endlocal
> Both [this and the contents of the attached ZIP file]
 > should go in bin/win32.
> Thanks for helping us testing,
> Manuel.

OK, is this one still awaiting testing ?

> Before I answer Reinhard's message, I'd like to mention I committed
> something that should work around the problem. It should be in the
> updates of tomorrow if your CTAN mirror is very up-to-date, or a bit
> later otherwise. You can still try it by manually installing the two
> attached files in bin/win32 (texdoc.bat overwrites the current, the
> other file is new).
> Reinhard Kotucha a écrit :

>> Another difference between the wrapper and Manuel's test file is that
>> the wrapper doesn't quote the first argument.  Since Manuel already
>> told me that the version I sent you doesn't work, I send you a new
>> file which quotes the first argument too.

> I'm sorry, but if I remember correctly, I tested this too and it fails
> too. Testing it again: well, just nothing visible happens. No error, no
> program starting, nothing. Since I don't know how to test exits codes on
> windows, I can't say if the os.spawn failed or something else.

I think that "IF [NOT] ERRORLEVEL number command" at CMD
level is what you need here.
> By the way Philip, if you know of a good "Windows for the command line
> addict" tutorial... (and details such as how to set environment
> variables, etc.)

Did you get my earlier reply to that ?  The %WinDir%\Help NTcmds.chm,
and CMD /?, FOR /?, IF /?

>> Phil, I don't know how familiar you are with Lua.  I know that it's
>> quite new to you but I've seen in the mails that you even succeeded to
>> write your own lua script.  Could you add the directory containing
>> AR to %PATH% and modify texdoc.tlu accordingly?

Not at all familiar : I just learn as I go along :-)
OK, will see what I can do.

> Btw you can also put viewer_pdf=print_argv in your texdoc.cnf and make
> sure print_argv is in your path, if you want to avoid overwriting
> acrord32 or start (which may be a shell builtin btw). Here is the result:

The idea being to launch "print_argv" rathet
than Acrobat, when a PDF is fired up ?

** Phil.

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