[tex-live] query about archives

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Sep 11 01:16:48 CEST 2008


    bibtools:  [I assume you mean bibtool]
Can't easily add random compiled programs.  They need a standard
configure script and Makefile[.am].  We can't take that on.  If you want
to write to the authors, great.

Ok, but that combination of wrapping a shell script into a dtx file is
something our ctan2tl process isn't ready to deal with.  I'll put it on
the list for later.

1) We already have detex, does this do a better job?
2) The author says the Python script would need "adjusting" for Windows.

 	licence: Academic Free Licence 2.1
 		(can only find version 3.0 in English right now,
 		though, so I don't know what it says)

It's free (but suboptimal/not recommended) -- gnu.org/l/license-list.html. 

In general, programs and scripts require a heck of a lot more work than
the usual (La)TeX packages.  Significantly expanding TL's coverage of
them will require new volunteers ... (like you? :)


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