[tex-live] Italian translation for the install-tl GUI [plus questions/suggestions]

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Tue Sep 9 17:31:55 CEST 2008

On Di, 09 Sep 2008, Marco Pallante wrote:
> As I announced before, here's an Italian translation for the install-tl GUI.

Great thanks, committed to our repository.

> I was playing around with the tlmgr program, and I noticed that the
> description of every package are always in English. Is there a way
> to let the program read localized copies of these descriptions?

Actually no. Well, you have to talk to the TeX Catalogue people about
the translation. What we ship is taken directly from the TeX Catalogue,
and we will not duplicate anything within TeX Live what we cannot update

So if there is a way to have a translated catalogue, then in principle
we can think about translated package descriptions, too.

> There is also a little inconsistency between the language selection
> option in install-tl and tlmgr: the first uses -lang, while the second
> -gui-lang. I would suggest to choose one for both the programs.

Because tlmgr itself is not translated, the messages it issues are
always in ENglish. Only the GUI is translated.

But in fact it shouldn't be necessary, if you have the right locale it
will choose your language automatically. Should!

Again thanks a lot and best wishes from Siena


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