[tex-live] Italian translation for the install-tl GUI [plus questions/suggestions]

Marco Pallante marco.pallante at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 15:22:26 CEST 2008

Dear all,

As I announced before, here's an Italian translation for the install-tl GUI.
This is a Beta 1 version which needs at least a review from another
Italian speaker. You can contact me for any question.

I was playing around with the tlmgr program, and I noticed that the
description of every package are always in English. Is there a way
to let the program read localized copies of these descriptions?
If not, it could be a nice idea to implement such a feature (for
example, by putting the files inside a two-letters language code
directory and falling back to the en/ copy when no translation is

A similar problem arises when choosing the platforms, the languages,
the schemes, and the standard collections in the install-tl program:
they are always written in English (hard coded inside the software?);
once again, for a full localization, moving these information inside
language files and allowing for a translation could be a nice idea.

There is also a little inconsistency between the language selection
option in install-tl and tlmgr: the first uses -lang, while the second
-gui-lang. I would suggest to choose one for both the programs.

Of course, these issues are no way urgent, but, if you like them, you
could take as suggestions for a little improvement in the next

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