[tex-live] query about archives

Dr. Clea F. Rees cfrees at imapmail.org
Mon Sep 8 04:24:24 CEST 2008

On 08/09/08, you seem to have written:

>> 1) presence on CTAN
>> 2) free licence
>> 3) non-obsolete
>> 4) non-experimental or experimental with author's approval
>> but these obviously aren't sufficient so I wondered if there was a
>> policy statement somewhere.
> What do you mean obviously? I think on the contrary that they are
> sufficient.

'Obvious' in the sense that there are clearly things which meet 1-4 but
are not in TL.

>> Clearly, TL couldn't contain everything which met the four conditions
>> and I'm not suggesting it should try.
> Argh, I was precisely under the impression that we were trying...

Er... I didn't know that. Sorry.

But at the very least, you have to add the fifth condition which Karl
mentioned i.e. so that TL does not contain packages which introduce
name conflicts, correct? Such as the exams and exam packages (which
aren't relevant for licence reasons, I know).

- cfr

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