[tex-live] Problem with tlmgr online update behind proxy (SuSE 11.0)

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Sep 6 01:21:56 CEST 2008

    Perl-Tk from SuSE 11.0 works fine EXCEPT when you have installed scim,
    scim-m17n, skim. 

Ok, thanks for that clue, I'll mention it.

    export TL_DOWNLOAD_ARGS='-c'  (-q -0 didn't work, quiet?, 0?)

Yes, the -q is just quiet, doesn't matter.

I'm not sure if the -c will help, hinder, or do nothing in this case.

But I believe the -O is necessary, because the code (TLUtils.pm, if you
want to look) appends various destinations after it.  Without it, the
download might have been successful but tlmgr won't realize it because
it's not in the expected location.  (I am having trouble detecting
whether that is actually what is happening in your case, but it's at
least possible.)

    is there any command line flag which I can give to tlmgr to try harder?

It looks to me like your download was successful.  But if you want it to
try downloading more before it gives up, you could add --tries=20 to
See the wget documentation for all the other myriad options influencing
this, if need be.


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