[tex-live] Problem with tlmgr online update behind proxy (SuSE 11.0)

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Sep 5 02:19:59 CEST 2008

Hi Torsten,

Thanks for the report.

    - tlmgr gui starts the GUI, but then I cannot enter anything, just
      the selection of selection boxes and placing the cursor works. But
      I cannot edit anything. I assume this is a problem with Perl-TK? 

So it would seem.

      I use SuSE Linux 11.0, unfortunately there is no SuSE under

That list is just what people have told us so far, we (I) can hardly
check out every distro in the world :).  Can you tell us what the
command is for SuSE?  (Well, I guess you already have it installed, so
I guess this is irrelevant.)

I can only suggest installing the original Perl::TK from CPAN in case
SuSE modifications are somehow interacting badly with TL, or (easier)
forget about the gui tlmgr ... or maybe Perl::TK doesn't work right on
SuSE in the first place?  I have no info one way or the other.

    .wgetrc: --proxy-user="sct2si1" --proxy-password="xxxxxxxx"

Ah.  Try setting an environment variable named TL_DOWNLOAD_ARGS to those
arguments, plus -q -O (at the end), as in:

TL_DOWNLOAD_ARGS='--proxy-user="sct2si1" --proxy-password="xxxxxxxx" --proxy="" -q -O'

(or setenv if you use [t]csh, but I expect you knew that. :)

If this works, I'll write something about it in the docs.


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