[tex-live] cataloguing licenses (was linguex in texlive snapshot)

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Sep 4 01:57:31 CEST 2008

    on another matter, what would you recommend about things that _say_
    they're gpl, or whatever, but don't fulfill any of the trivial
    requirments (like a copyright statement).  my reaction is to scream
    quietly at the author, and to take the statement at its word.  but is
    the statement actually valid?

IMHO yes.  

If the author has stated their intended license (even if just on the
CTAN upload form, which I know is not uncommon :(), and we don't see
anything to *contradict* the statement, we should go with it.  We would
be in dire straits indeed if we required full legal rules, correct
copyright statements in every source file, etc.

I don't know that there's even been a court case about it, but it seems
rational to me.  And hey, if an author comes back and says, "you bozos,
I didn't mean you could actually sell my work", fine, we remove it then.


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