[tex-live] texdoc error

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Mon Sep 1 13:47:33 CEST 2008

Fengnan Gao a écrit :
> Yesterday, I installed TeXlive 2008 from the net (using net
> installer), but today I turned on my computer, find a error like
> this. In cmd window (I'm using Vista), I type texdoc minitoc then an
> Acrobat window is supposed to be opened and view
> texmf-dist\doc\latex\minitoc\minitoc.pdf, however I receive a error
> box, which says "An internal error occured.",

Ok, I was able to reproduce the problem on my XP SP2 box with Adobe
Reader 9. Summing up what we currently know of the situation:

1. This is not specific to minitoc or whatever, no pdf can be viewed
from texdoc using AR9.

2. The following work:

2a. Run

start "" "C:\Program Files\texlive\2008\texmf\doc\texdoc\texdoc.pdf"

2b. Run

texlua minimal.tlu

with minimal.tlu containing

command = 'start "" ' ..
'"C:\\Program Files\\texlive\\2008\\texmf\\doc\\texdoc\\texdoc.pdf"'
print (command)
ok = os.execute (command)

(remember that the corresponding part of texdoc's code is

err_print(view_command, 'debug1')
view_result = os.execute(view_command)


2c. Reportedly, setting another pdf reader in texdoc's configuration
works, but I couldn't to reproduce it since I'm apparently unable to
quote the spaces in the path to the command in texdoc.cnf in a way that
windows would accept.

Well, this is driving me mad. Especially that 2b is working while texdoc
isn't, I can't understand.

I'm going to relax a bit, make a few things more usable in my windows
environment, and try to investigate this.

Thank everyone in thread for their report and testing.


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