[tex-live] texdoc error

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Mon Sep 1 12:09:19 CEST 2008

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Subject: Re: [tex-live] texdoc error

> Hmm. Can you please try lauching
> start "" "c:\path\to\minitoc.pdf"
> in a cmd window and see it the same problem happens? Cause that's what 
> texdoc
> is doing (try texdoc -v minitoc to confirm) and AFAIK it's the recommended 
> way
> of openning documents on windows. At least, it worked when I did tests.

Well, it seems to me that the case is if the current directory is 
then I use "start some-pdf.pdf", which is in "c:\users\xxx\", it works fine. 
is called and pdf is opened. However if I type "start 
c:\users\xxx\some-pdf.pdf" which
is exactly the same file, the cmd window just pop up another cmd window and 
does nothing.
I don't know what is going on there.


  Fengnan <fnsteed at hotmail.com> 

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