[tex-live] TeXlive-doc needed, please help

Glenn Todd Miller gmiller at cfa.harvard.edu
Mon Jun 30 17:32:47 CEST 2008

Thanks for all the help with getting the pdfs. I am currently following the recommendation of Zdenek Wagner, which was a 'wget' command that he specified as:

wget -r -k -np -L -l 1 -N -p http://www.tug.org/texlive/Contents/live/doc.html 

It is working just fine.  The texlive-doc-2007-30.fc9.i386.rpm
had a bunch of dependencies on things like Perl(Tk), I suppose for some document searching tools so that users can find docs easier.  I do not need the tools, I just needed the documents (either pdf or dvi is fine). I think that for each package/sty included in the distribution, there should be the corresponding document (dvi or pdf or both) for the included package. I was surprised that Fedora 9 included TeXLive without including the doc directories.  Well thanks again for all the help, and the speedy responses. Long live TeX/LaTeX!!!

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George N. White III a écrit :
>> more packages than tetex.  However, Fedora does not come with the
>> documentation under texmf*/doc !!!! 

>> I really need at least the PDFs and
>> HTMLs in those subdirectories but I am unable to use the
>> texlive-doc-2007-30.fc9.i386.rpm due to all these dependencies--

If you feel the dependencies are useless or the package may better be split
in smaller packages in order to reduce dependencies, you should fill a bug
report in Fedora's bug tracking system.

> Another option is using MiKTeX's package manager to
> maintain a texmf tree with documents and updates.

Well, if you don't stick to Fedora's packages, I think the better option for
now is to install a "vanilla" TL07, and later the TL08 (unless you feel like
beta-testing TL08 now).  I don't really see the point in installing mpm just
for the docs, it's rather usefull to keep thing uptodate (and will be
useless imo as soon as TL08 is released).


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