[tex-live] Bugs in install-tl for win32

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Sat Jun 28 20:10:16 CEST 2008

Hi all,

On Sa, 28 Jun 2008, George N. White III wrote:
> 1.  install-tl.bat using wine 1.01 on Fedora 8 (miktex works under wine)
> This failed with messages about "unitialized value" -- probably the same
> problem reported below.

Can you show me what/where? I fixed that yesterday already. Did you
fetch a new install-tl.zip?

> I tried 3 times over 2 days using the mirrors -- each time the install died
> with an error extracting a .lzma file -- the file had length zero.   I didn't


> have time to check the wget settings.  There were no saved settings to
> restart the install, and each time it started over from the beginning.

Yes, no need to repeat that, we have heard that often. It is not

> handle a full install.   The installer should be able to restart from the
> point of failure.  I suspect the state of CTAN mirrors in N. America

Again, not possible. "Should" there are many, please write the code!

> The installer appears to download one archive file at a time, install
> the files, and delete the archive.  What about keeping the archives


> until the install is finished (most PC's have ample disk these days,

That would be an option, but installing scheme-full would need 2.5+ Gb.
That is a lot ...

> but there could be an option to delete archives as you go)?
> If the installer is restarted, the archives that have already been
> downloaded can be used (with some checks to detect partial
> downloads).

That could be done, probably.

> >  established that one needs to remove the old TeXLive2007 bin

Suprises me.

> >  directory from PATH. This was done in all the following discussion.
> >  Also removed my own versions of perl, tar, wget and lzma.]

Suprises me even more.

> This is too much to expect -- install-tl needs to make sure it
> runs the included versions.

install-tl *uses* the shipped tar/wget/... and nothing else.

> Testing at this stage should be done with a virtual machine or wine
> where you can just blow away the whole windows system and start with

Call the uninstaller. It removes everything which has been created. The
only problem is that it possibly removes PostScript associations when
they have been present earlier.

> I suspect the problem is with install-tl, but unless you can start with
> a fresh windows installation it is difficult to say what state windows
> might be at.

Yes I am quite sure that it is a installer problem, but I have no clue
whatsoever what is the problem ... I wrote that in the last email.

Best wishes


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