[tex-live] license for dvitty

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Thu Jun 26 21:55:36 CEST 2008

Nelson H. F. Beebe <beebe at math.utah.edu> wrote:

> It looks like list members are confused between dvitty and dvi2tty.
> The former was written in 1987 by Svante Lindahl, and its Pascal
> source code says

dvi2tty v4 claims to be a development of dvitty, and the c source
includes dvitty's licence statement:

>  * This program, and any documentation for it, is copyrighted by Svante
>  * Lindahl. It may be copied for non-commercial use only, provided that
>  * any and all copyright notices are preserved.
>  *
>  * Please report any bugs and/or fixes to:
>  *
>  * UUCP: [seismo,mcvax,cernvax,diku,ukc,unido]!enea!ttds!zap
>  * ARPA: enea!ttds!zap at seismo.CSS.GOV
>  *  or   Svante_Lindahl_NADA%QZCOM.MAILNET at MIT-MULTICS.ARPA
>  * EAN:  zap at cs.kth.sunet
> dvi2tty is a different program, written in C instead of Pascal,
> and authored by Marcel J.E. Mol <marcel at mesa.nl>.

it may be a different program, but it certainly started from (one
presumes) a transliteration of the pascal source.


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