[tex-live] texdoc can't find texmf.cnf

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Wed Jun 25 00:43:20 CEST 2008

Frank Küster scripsit (24.06.2008 21:48)
> Excuse me, what about
> texdoc_formats = set_listvar_from_texmf(texdoc_formats,'TEXDOC_FORMATS')
> for format in list_iter(texdoc_formats) do
>    viewer_var = 'TEXDOC_VIEWER_' .. string.upper(format)
>    texdoc_viewer[format] = set_var_from_texmf(texdoc_viewer[format],viewer_var)
> end
No, please excuse *me*, I answered too fast.  Actually, when I switched to the
texlua version of texdoc some time ago, I noticed that the old variables
TEXDOCVIEW_pdf etc stopped working, so I thought the feature was removed, but
 I was wrong.

> I admit that this is not *user* specific,

Hmmm... really?  Unless I missed something, kpse takes its values from all
texmf.cnf files (which can be user-specific in TEXMFCONFIG), and also from
environment variables, so on the contrary this is user-specific if the user
wants to.

> but at least Jonathan's
> concern can easily be addressed by the local admin this way. Moreover,
> on many systems there are generic commands for viewing a file, IIRC
> there's even one for OSX - and then usually the individual user can
> change the preferences on the OS level, not only for TeX.
Yep, i can be addressed by the local admin as well as the user, and this is
good news.  I think it is even best if we can provide good defaults for many
systems, in order to for things to probably "just work" out of the box, but
it's good that the viewers are easy to configure.

>> I'm currently working on a generic config file parser.  It's supposed
>> to read a config file and put the key/value pairs into a Lua table. 
> It would of course be good to have something like this, and take out all
> this from texmf.cnf.

Is it that good to take things out of texmf.cnf?  A very handy thing with
kpathsea is that it takes care for us of precedence when variables are set in
multiple config file or environment variables.

But of course some things must be moved out of texmf.cnf, like rm_command,
since as Reinhard obeserved those are system-specific.


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