[tex-live] TL2008 installer

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Jun 17 01:10:49 CEST 2008

    >> 2. Is it possible to add a --resume option to the installer script?

In general, we're just calling wget, not programming the TCP connections
ourselves.  If the download fails, it fails.  I see wget has a
--continue option, but resuming the download of one file is not enough,
we'd have to save the entire state of the desired installation to be
able to continue it in a separate invocation.  This doesn't seem practical.

I expect failed downloads to be a top problem, but I don't have any good
solution for it :(.  

I've just changed our wgetrc to have tries=4 by default.  The default of
20 seemed useless to me -- if it fails the first couple times, the
chances of it succeeding on the 20th seem basically nil (surely it'll be
a bad hostname or something "permanent").  So we put in a default of
tries=2, but maybe that was too far in the other direction.  We'll see ...


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