[tex-live] TeX Live Installer -- pregeneration of formats

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Jun 11 02:20:01 CEST 2008

    I am not completely sure whether it was jadetex or xmltex, but one of

They both are the same, as far as format building goes.  Both require
&latex.  (And pdfjadetex and pdfxmltex require &pdflatex.)

If that causes a bug for some reason, we can fix it to not require the
formats (and not build any fancy dependency stuff into fmtutil either),
but just \input the right files in the right cases.  Necessary or not?

I can imagine that it is, since jadetex precedes latex alphabetically,
and that is how they are listed in fmtutil.cnf now, and if fmtutil --all
just proceeds in order ... however, Norbert/Staszek/others have been
testing the new fmtutil.cnf for quite some time now and haven't
complained.  So what's the story, guys :)?

    because quite some packages needed it to build their documentation.

Ok, good to know.  I wasn't seriously planning to remove them, anyway.

    I can't say whether these were actively developped packages, though.

Not that I've seen.  For quite a few years.


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