[tex-live] TeX Live Installer -- pregeneration of formats

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Tue Jun 10 23:45:00 CEST 2008

Frank Küster scripsit (10.06.2008 22:35)
>> Oh, unfortunately I have a command 'see' available, which I didn't know.  By
>> the way, the result is is a good example why texdoc should use texlive.tlpdb
>> in the future...
> texlive.tlpdb? Isn't that just the database used for selection and
> installation of TeXLive packages? Why should it use that - that would
> restrict its use to packages installed that way, whereas now it can also
> show you locally installed and even user-specific stuff.
We don't want to get rid of the current way it works, but it could in addition
use texlive.tlpdb to get info from the catalogue, eg that gemoetry's user
manual is in texmf-dist/doc/latex/geometry/manual.pdf. Currently it returns a
page from the TeX academy in my TL'08 installation: hardly what you would
expect as a user.

> And it's a lot faster with luatex than it used to be as a shell script.
And it will remain that way.

>>> locate /geometry/ | grep pdf
>>> (etc.)
>> Ok, what I'm doing when everything else fails.  We definitely need to make
>> texdoc more usable, we can't let you use locate like that ;-)
> texdoc -s geometry | grep pdf does just the same. 
Yes. But my point was, a user shouldn't need to do such things to access a
package's main documentation in most cases. The -s options sometimes gives
quite big output, and most normal users will just give up at this point.

> Would you like to have a --format=pdf option?
Maybe it can be useful to combine with the -s option, especially for users who
don't have (windoz) or don't know how to use grep.


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