[tex-live] rubibtex and bibliography author sorting

DMoL master_temp at tut.by
Sun Jun 8 09:38:56 CEST 2008

Hello, everybody!

	I have a trouble with Cyrillic bibliography author sorting and
I can't explain that behaviour the other way as a bug... :-(

	When authors second name is started from letter В (the third
letter in russian alphabet) and sorting bibliography style is applied,
then the bibliography record is located BELOW(!) the records with
authors second names, which are started from "highest" letters, e.g.
from P.
	As I can note, that is only reproduced with B-letter : with
others beginning letters of alphabet (A,G,D) the output file has correct

Attached files:
1. books.bib -- the bibliography database
2. 2.tex -- the tex source file

All files are utf8-encoded. To produce the output I do following:
iconv -f UTF8 -t KOI8-R ~/books.bib -o books.bib
iconv -f UTF8 -t KOI8-R ~/2.tex -o 2.tex
rm *.{aux,log,toc,pdf}
latex 2
rubibtex 2
latex 2  
pdflatex 2

Thanks, for any helping!
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