[tex-live] Serbian & hyphenation patterns (in TL)

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 02:13:42 CEST 2008


I hope that some Serbs are listening to this mailing list. I have
noticed something weird. serbian.ldf uses Serbian labels in Latin
script, while language.def loads Cyrillic hyphenation patterns
(srhyphc.tex). On CTAN, Latin patterns are available, but not included
on TeX Live (shhyph.tex). Likewise, polyglossia in XeLaTeX checks if a
font contains cyrillic glyphs, but contains Latin labels.

Both patterns seem to contain the same hyphenation exceptions and the
same set of patterns, only in a different script, but the script does
make a big difference to TeX. And both patterns are theoretically
needed, as Serbs write in both scripts (approximately equally often,
maybe slightly biased towards Cyrillic).

I would not be surprised if it turned out that Latin hyphenation
patterns for Serbian were simply replaced by Cyrillic ones once in the
past, while leaving all the labels and general support for Serbian in
Latin script, meaning that Cyrilllic patterns will be used in
documents written in Latin script. Latin 'a' might be at the same
position as the cyrillic one (did not check), and patterns might still
kind-of-work, but I hope that I'm missing something obvious here.

LuaTeX & XeTeX could, theoretically, load both patterns at the same
time, but in polyglossia the two scripts & translations should be
split, at least by some additional optional parameters.

Any hints?


(Well, it would still be useful (and not to hard to implement) to have
Serbian bidirectional transliteration available in TeX :), but that's
another thing.)

% Version: 1.0a
% Last change: 2003-06-09
% Credits:
%  - Initial hyphenation patterns for T1 font encoding by Dejan Muhamedagi\'c
%  - Improvements and adaptation to T2A font encoding by Strahinja Radi\'c
%  - Further improvements and integration into one file by Aleksandar Jelenak
% Current maintainer: Aleksandar Jelenak <ajelenak AT yahoo.com>
\message{Serbian Cyrillic Hyphenation Patterns `srhyphc.tex' v1.0a <2003-06-09>}

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