[tex-live] TeX Live - Quick Install on Solaris -> Permission denied errors

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Jan 28 17:20:52 CET 2008

      My umask setting was 77, which I don't think is unusual; 

Given that umask, wouldn't you expect everything to only be usable by you?
      in any case, I don't see how it could cause some directories to
      lose x permisison (texmf, texmf-local, texmf-var), while leaving
      their sister directories with the correct permissions (bin,
      texmf-dist, texmf-doc).

Looking at the install scripts, I see that there are some after-the-fact
chmod's which add r permission to some trees, but not x.  So that's
presumably why the result wasn't just rwx------, as your umask would imply.

Since the installation scripts have been completely reimplemented for
the next release, and I don't think such special chmod's are done any
more, there's probably nothing to do here.

      time, this TeX Live installation now has been a pretty painless
      experience - so thanks go to all the people who've contributed to
      making it that way.

Thanks for the kind words :).


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