[tex-live] TeX Live - Quick Install on Solaris -> Permission denied errors

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Jan 24 23:06:11 CET 2008


Thanks for taking the time to write.

    drwxr--r--  19 tex      tex         4096 Jan 22 12:42 texmf

I can't say why the directories ended up lacking the x bit.  They aren't
that way in the original.  Maybe you had an unusual umask setting?

      texmf-var was rw for everyone - surely that can't be right? 

The system texmf-var is used rather like /tmp for TeX, so, yes -- the
idea being that any user on the system might end up running something
that causes a font (or whatever) to be autogenerated.

There is an option to make it append-only, like /tmp typically is these days.

  % chmod -R go=u-w 2007

  That seems to have fixed it, and I hope it was correct, 

As long as you are the only user, seems plausible to me.  You're going
to have to do something to add the x bit on the directories.

  if not, shouldn't the documentation cover it?

This is the first time I recall this problem being reported.


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