[tex-live] various nosell packages

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Thu Jan 24 12:09:01 CET 2008

As a follow-up of Robins remark, I guess we should remove the following
packages which have a nosell license entry in the Catalogue:

	bera		Bera fonts
	calendar	A package for calendars and timetables
	cheq		Adobe chess font
	deleq		Flexible numbering of equations
	dropping	Drop first letter of paragraphs
	floatflt	Wrap text around floats
	mnras		Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
	mltex		The MLTeX system
	morse		Support for printing Morse code signs
	ocr-a		Fonts for OCR-A
	oxford		A BibTeX style geared for use in the humanities
	psfig		A graphics inclusion package
	realcalc	Macros for real arithmetic calculations
	sae		Typeset an SAE technical paper

(these are all nosell in the current texlive.tlpdb).

If anyone has comments/better information on these packages, or wants to
check that the restrictions still exists, please let us know.

Otherwise I suppose that Karl and me will remove these packages from the
TeX Live repository.

Best wishes


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